Filtec Precise – Twisting Mill for Technical Yarns

We Make The Yarn Fit

At the interface between yarn manufacturer and yarn processor, we are your twisting mill for the finishing of technical yarn. We started as a twisting mill for polyester yarns, we now refine almost all types of technical yarns using a variety of different technologies. It doesn’t matter whether we ply, twist, coat or wind for our customers – thanks to our long-standing and close relationships along the entire textile process chain, we can implement your individual requirements in the best possible way.

Services in the Finishing of Technical Yarns

The finishing of yarns must meet the individual requirements of the specific application. Therefore, very individual solutions are required.  

With a wide range of different technologies as well as in-depth know-how about the properties and processability of the various technical yarns available on the market, we are your partner for harnessing the diverse potential that technical yarns offer today.

Twisting still represents the core of our range of services today. As the possibilities for using technical yarns have become more and more diverse over the years, our range of services around twisting has also continued to expand. Starting with the close support of your development process, through the purchase of technical yarns, to the desired presentation of the twisted and refined yarn on the spool, we use more than 14 different manufacturing technologies. With our diverse technical expertise, we are able to make adjustments to our resources and processes beyond the established production technologies in order to be able to implement very individual requirements.

Icon Produktentwicklung


In the company’s own technical center, we produce samples for you in the shortest possible time under a series of conditions that you can use for your further product development.

Icon Garneinkauf

Yarn Shopping

We would be happy to take care of your basic yarn shopping. We keep large quantities of relevant yarns in stock so that we can deliver to you at any time. Alternatively, we would be happy to store your yarns, cores, and packaging.

Fachen, umwinden, tengeln/assembling, wrapping, intermingling

Folding, Wrapping and Folding

Either as an upstream process step before twisting and coating or on our own, we ply, wrap and twist your yarn.



We offer you the twisting processes that are economically and technologically optimal for you. Ring twisting and double wire machines are available for wide titer ranges.



The final presentation of the refined yarns has a significant influence on the processability in your process. This not only includes the type and dimensions of the sleeves used, but also, in particular, the wrapping. We propose all of this to you.

What is special is often invisible. Once you have in mind, you will discover the technical yarns twisted and finished by the Filtec Group companies in a wide variety of applications worldwide. Starting, for example, with filter fabrics, through construction and geotextiles to conveyor belts, high-pressure hoses and sewing thread. And new areas of application for high-strength yarns are being added every day.


Indu Tech

Refined yarns have become indispensable in many industrial applications. In addition to its use in filtration or as a seal (often additionally coated), its use as a strength carrier plays a particularly important role. There, our refined yarns are used to influence stretching, shrinkage or antistatic properties (e.g. in conveyor belts). © Jan-Rune Smenes Reite/


Mobile Tech

Modern mobility would hardly be conceivable today without the use of refined yarns. Whether in seat covers, airbags, high pressure and temperature hoses or as heat protection - the yarns we refine are used in almost every mobility application. And with the increasing importance of electromobility, completely new requirements are now arising for efficient yarn constructions. © Share Now/

Geotech / Geotextil

Geo Tech

Geotextiles are often used at the point of contact between loose and solid rock in civil engineering, waterways and traffic infrastructure construction. For the many tasks that geotextiles have to perform, such as separating, filtering, draining and reinforcing/reinforcing, we refine an equally large number of different yarns and coat them depending on the application. © Jamar Penny/


Agro Tech

In the areas of gardening and landscaping, agriculture and forestry, the importance of technical textiles is constantly increasing, especially in comparison to plastic films. Due to direct contact with food, there are different requirements for the types of yarn to be used. © John Nzoka/


Sports Tech

Whether climbing, sailing or a variety of other sports - the yarns we twist and refine enable the production of the latest high-tech sports equipment. © Sylvain Mauroux/


Cloth & Pro Tech

The Cloth & Pro Tech area includes all applications in which yarns determine the functional properties of clothing. This can, for example, be a special protective function for people and objects against flammability, water permeability or kinetic energy of impacting objects. © Matt C/


Home Tech

Home tech includes carpets, floor coverings or interior furnishings that have been designed with a clear functional aspect in mind. In particular, the correct feel of the refined yarns represents an additional requirement. © JC Gellidon/

And much more...

The world of technical textiles is experiencing rapid growth. Applications that we cannot even imagine today may already be a reality tomorrow. Many new applications are currently being developed, particularly in the areas of smart tech and eco-tech. We shape this tomorrow together with our customers and continuously develop our skills and our range of services. So that our customers can continue to implement their innovative ideas and high product requirements in the future. © Franz

The list of application areas in which our refined yarns are further processed can be continued almost endlessly. With our comprehensive market intelligence in the yarn sector and decades of experience in refining them, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of a yarn construction that meets your requirements.

Why Filtec?


We know that sometimes things have to happen quickly. Thanks to our large and flexible machine park and high yarn stocks, we can offer you short delivery times at any time.

High Quality

The processing of technical yarns is highly demanding. We guarantee you consistently high quality regardless of the properties of the base yarn used.


Specific customer applications require individual solutions. For us, this starts with the processed yarns and continues with the (partial) delivery quantities right up to the testing specifications and electronic data exchange.

Thanks to our decades of experience and our strong technical expertise, we are your partner for the development of new product ideas and efficient series production. The willingness and flexibility to undertake advance work for you are the maxims for our range of services.

We would be happy to advise you about our tailor-made solutions.